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If you’re looking for a Mazda lease deal or Mazda lease offer, there’s always something going on from the people at the top at Mazda HQ. We’re holding it down in Fort Myers and people from Cape Coral to Port Charlotte come here to get a hold of their perfect Mazda deal. If you’re ready to experience what we have to offer, we’re ready to help you in Fort Myers. Come enjoy our Mazda lease deals and finance offers and test drive one of our great new Mazda specials today!

Buying vs. Leasing: One of the Most Important Car Buying Questions

If you’re undecided on whether to lease or buy, we want to guide you because this is an extremely important question to have answered when you go into the car buying process. Picking wrong could lead to tons of adverse lifestyle changes, so be sure to check out our quick guide to leasing vs. buying:

  • You should buy if you’re looking to build equity for the future. You’ll get a loan for your car and pay it off as time passes, and once you’ve paid off your car, it’s yours free and clear. You’ll be able to modify the vehicle as you see fit as well and sell it for its market value when you’re done with it, but you will pay more over the life of the loan as well as upfront.
  • You should lease if you’re looking to lower your costs and move up to something new and improved quicker. You’ll pay less when you sign down to get the vehicle, pay less in taxes, and pay less per month over a shorter term than if you had bought the vehicle, but there are a few catches. You can’t modify the vehicle and you have to abide by mileage restrictions or you’ll pay some nasty overages.

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If you’re ready to get started, the team at Mazda of Fort Myers is ready to help you! Contact us today to get started; you’ll be met with a member from our team who will guide you through the car buying process so you come out a winner.